While heating oil is used less frequently in the spring and summer months, propane’s versatility allows its use to extend well beyond the heating season. With that in mind, we feel it’s important that customers who use propane know how to do so in a safe manner!

At North Shore Oil, you get to choose your preferred method of receiving your heating oil or propane deliveries. Whether you prefer the total control of will-call delivery, or the hands-off benefits of automatic delivery, the choice is yours to make! If you’re not sure which is right for you, take a look at the benefits of each method!

Convenience Leads to Comfort

admin February 13, 2019

Sometimes, your comfort level isn’t only affected by how warm and cozy you are during the winter months, but also by how much you have to do to maintain your preferred level of comfort! At North Shore Oil, we do our best to make everything easier for our customers – including paying their bills, ordering fuel and keeping their storage tank full.

At North Shore Oil, we proudly serve Northern and Central New York with reliable and prompt heating oil and propane delivery. This is especially important when the snow begins to fall! In order for us to keep up with the demand for fuel delivery, we ask our customers to give us a little bit of a hand!

Tips for Weatherizing Your Home

admin December 27, 2018

It’s a little known fact that the average home wastes as much as 10% of its home heating energy on easy-to-fix air leaks. We don’t want this to happen to you – especially during the winter, where your energy dollars shouldn’t go to waste!

Many Ways to Pay!

admin October 19, 2018

At North Shore Oil, we believe that options help to make our customers happier. It’s why we offer heating oil, propane and other fuels, and why we offer delivery options as well.

Your Fuel Needs Under One Roof!

admin September 26, 2018

At North Shore Oil, we’re proud to provide our customers with a reliable source of fuel used for home heating and more. What makes us the right choice? We’ve got our customers covered with all of our home fueling services! Keep reading to find out more.

When you think of an empty heating oil storage tank, you likely associate it with being stuck in the cold when winter strikes again. While this is a real possibility if your tank is ever left empty, it’s just as risky to leave your tank empty during the summer months, which is why you should keep your tank full all year long!

Carbon Monoxide & Your Safety

admin July 27, 2018

In our previous two blog articles, we discussed propane safety and propane appliance maintenance. We’d like to continue keeping our customers and other readers informed on how to safely live with propane – a fuel that has a long-standing record of safety, versatility and dependability.

Propane Appliance Maintenance

admin June 13, 2018

This month, we’ll talk about how to keep your propane appliances properly maintained so that leaks and other issues can be avoided.

Spring Propane Safety!

admin May 16, 2018

Propane is one of the most versatile and safest ways you can fuel your home.

One of propane’s greatest qualities is its versatility – it has many uses both inside and out of the house.

Have Your Pick of Price Protection

admin March 20, 2018

North Shore Oil believes that our customers shouldn’t feel stuck paying for their oil based on the market price alone.

Propane Made Easy with North Shore Oil

admin February 28, 2018

Are you looking for a propane provider that makes everything from signing up as a customer to receiving deliveries easy?

There’s the bad kind of predictable, like a predictable song or movie plot, and then there’s the good kind of predictable, like predictable propane and heating oil deliveries no matter how brutally cold winter gets. As a North Shore Oil automatic delivery customer, you can predict you’ll get the fuel you need to heat your home before you even know you need it.

Picture Yourself with Propane

admin December 7, 2017

Propane is much more than a versatile fuel capable of heating your home and virtually every appliance in it – it’s the final piece of the home comfort puzzle, the energy source that transforms your home into your own winter oasis.

What makes North Shore Oil the hottest thing in town? The fact we’re always serving up the hottest products, like HOT™ 4 in 1 Heating Oil Treatment. HOT 4 in 1 is an all-purpose heating oil treatment that improves your fuel. Just let HOT 4 in 1 go to work in your tank!

You don’t need to turn your house into an igloo with icicles hanging from the ceiling, or wear three sweaters and a pair of ski pants to avoid steep energy bills this winter.

Convenience At Your Doorstep

admin September 15, 2017

It may be a little too early to fret about another frigid winter, but it’s not too early to prepare for it. While we can’t promise an unlimited supply of hot cocoa and reruns of ‘A Christmas Story’, we can help you stay warm with an uninterrupted supply of fuel even in the nastiest of weather conditions.

Propane to the Rescue!

admin August 17, 2017

Propane is the hero of home fuel! Its uses vary from heating systems to cooking to pool heaters, often enabling homeowners to run almost their entire home on one source of energy. Thanks to North Shore Oil’s automatic propane delivery, there’s one more thing that propane can do to make your life easier – show up in time to save the day!

One of the benefits of using heating oil to safely fuel your home comfort is having a supply close by. However, having a storage tank on your property requires that you watch out for any signs of problems before they turn into costly repairs or cleanups.

Stay Safe With North Shore Oil

admin June 16, 2017

All year long, propane is the fuel of choice for grills, pool heaters, fire pits and other home appliances. Having your propane stored right on your property is one of the benefits of being a North Shore propane customer. As with any fuel, however, it’s important to know the proper way to react in the rare occurrence of a leak. By following the proper protocol, you can keep your home, family and equipment safe.

Did you know that 80 percent of the year’s fuel usage takes place within three to four months? There is a way to take control of your winter heating bills with the various payment options offered by North Shore Oil

What you lack in control over the weather outside, you can make up for with control over your energy usage inside during the dog days of summer. Here are some energy conservation tips from North Shore Oil to cool things off a bit.

Spring Into … Winter ?!?!

admin March 14, 2017

Here we are in the middle of March. While baseball teams take part in spring training exercises in sunny Florida or Arizona, we in Oswego County are looking at a few more weeks of sub-freezing low temperatures … some days even sniffing single digits! If you were hoping to ease your heating equipment out of its seasonal duty, not so fast! Looks like we’re going to need that heat a little while longer. And whatever fuel you need to stay warm during the cold spell, North Shore Oil has you covered!

Automatic Penguin Pilot

admin February 15, 2017

North Shore Oil offers the convenience of auto delivery for both heating oil and propane because we understand that you have enough on your plate without having to worry about keeping track of your fuel level on a regular basis.

Last weekend’s lake-effect snow gusts blanketed our region with the white stuff pretty quickly. Fortunately, Mother Nature has already melted much of it away. Next time we might not be so lucky, though. With January here and winter in full effect, now is the time we like to remind folks in our area about some of the steps they can take to ensure reliable fuel deliveries when they’re needed most.

Last month we offered some valuable tips to lower your energy costs this winter without lowering your comfort level. Here are seven more cool tips from the U.S. Department of Energy that will help you conserve both energy and cash this holiday season.

Energy Saving Ideas for Winter

admin November 17, 2016

Are you looking for ways to lower your heating costs without lowering your comfort level … or emptying your wallet? Read on for winter energy savings ideas from, U.S. News & World Report, and

Like our surfing penguin who stays down for anything, heating oil expenses for this winter are expected to remain on the low end of the spectrum. That’s the word, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The EIA’s recent Winter Outlook predicts that heating oil expenditures will increase by 38% compared to last winter, but still remain below normal.

The Propane Education & Research Council has a new spokesperson … or should we say spokes-animal? It’s Blue the Dog, a cheerful, loveable and energetic canine who trails his “owner,” as he delivers propane to the customers of a local independent fuel dealer. Sound familiar?

To escape the summer heat, New York boat owners often take to the waters. Whether your outing is a leisurely weekend puddle jump or a weeklong retreat, North Shore Oil Company is here to help fuel your maritime voyage with two premium marine fueling options.

If there’s one thing the last few years have proven, it’s that the weather can be unpredictable. The dramatic week-to-week shifts in temperature can throw your heating bills for a loop, and planning your finances around uneven payments can be tricky. Wouldn’t it be easier to pay one even and predictable monthly payment instead of paying for all your fuel during the winter months? With a North Shore Oil Budget Plan, you can.

As a North Shore Oil customer, you know better than most that nothing beats the versatility of propane. The “exceptional energy” you get from North Shore Oil is very safe to use and store over periods of time. Still, we’d rather be safe than sorry, and we place the well-being of you and your family at the top of our list of priorities. Below are six safety tips to remember in the unlikely event of a leak.

Stay Inside – Pay Online!

admin March 1, 2016

As anybody who’s spent a winter in Oswego County knows, it can get awfully cold around these parts. That’s why North Shore Oil has Northern and Central New Yorkers covered with our very own residential heat wave to help you stay cozy, even when howling winds and heavy snowfall have other ideas. So when it comes time to pay your home energy bills, why would you want to leave your summer-in-February sanctuary?

Our wide range of home comfort products and services are designed to give you the cozy warmth your household needs with the flexibility and convenience your daily life demands.

With all the hectic energy of the holiday season, it would certainly be nice to ask for more hours in the day on your wish list. While that’s a miracle beyond our powers, we do have the next best thing to save you time and reduce stress: automatic heating oil delivery.

On the Road with North Shore Oil

admin November 19, 2015

North Shore Oil does more than fuel your home – we power you up the road, too. That’s right – in addition to carrying heating oil and propane, we supply branded and unbranded gasoline and diesel.

Catch the Heat Wave with Propane

admin October 14, 2015

Out on the surf, the perfect wave is an elusive thing; it takes patience, skill and even a degree of spiritual intuition to ride one. Just ask our surfin’ penguin mascot. Luckily, catching the heat wave in the middle of a cold upstate winter is a lot easier than hanging ten. At North Shore Oil, we call it hanging four, because that’s the number of simple steps it takes to become a North Shore Oil propane customer.

We think all our customers should be enrolled in automatic delivery, because we understand that you have a whole lot to keep track of, and your heating oil supply shouldn’t be one of them. So leave your heating oil to us! Of course, if you would rather have a hands-on approach to your home heating by watching your levels and calling for deliveries, you can always opt for our will-call delivery service.

Welcome To Our New Website And Blog

admin August 21, 2015

Welcome to our brand new website. We at North Shore Oil pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers. Now, you can stay better connected with North Shore Oil than ever before. Our site is more streamlined and easy to use, and has some exciting new features.