Automatic Delivery is the Answer to an Empty Tank

- 5:14 pm - August 10th, 2018

When you think of an empty heating oil storage tank, you likely associate it with being stuck in the cold when winter strikes again. While this is a real possibility if your tank is ever left empty, it’s just as risky to leave your tank empty during the summer months, which is why you should keep your tank full all year long!


Why keep a full tank in the summer?

Simply put, it’s the humidity! With the humid weather that summer so often brings, condensation can occur on and inside storage tanks leading to water accumulation. This water mixes with any remaining oil and produces solid sediments that can be pulled into your system or sit in your tank and cause corrosion.

Not only that, but you may not realize how much fuel you use during the summer months. Take for example your water heater. If you use heating oil to fuel your boiler or water heater without keeping a full tank in summer, you’ll wind up taking uncomfortably cold shower and not having access to hot water that you depend on daily.


What can homeowners do to prevent these issues?

For one thing, homeowners should keep track of their fuel levels and make delivery calls regularly. Most homes fall into a routine of fuel consumption, so it might be easy to determine when you need to make a delivery.

In addition, signing up for automatic delivery puts all of this out of your mind and lets us handle the deliveries for you. We’ll track your fuel usage for you, including factoring in weather conditions, and keep your tank full so you’ll be less likely to have an empty tank in neither the summer or the winter.


Don’t wait for the bitter cold winter! Enrollment in our automatic delivery service is just a phone call or email away – so contact us now to learn more.