Automatic Delivery: Worry-Free and Dependable

- 4:00 pm - September 16th, 2015

When summer transitions into the fall, life gets busier. Between work, chauffeuring the kids, and the many other tasks on your list, it’s hard to keep track of your heating oil supply. And really, why should you have to? If you’re looking for an easy and dependable way to always have the heating oil you need, sign up for automatic delivery from North Shore Oil. With automatic delivery, you never have to remember to check your heating oil tank's gauge, wait around for a delivery, or fret about running out of fuel. Our automatic delivery scheduler uses computer and weather-tracking technology to estimate your fuel oil usage, so we’re always on the ball when it comes to refueling your home. That means you’ll never need to call us for an emergency delivery in the middle of a freezing night because you ran out of heating oil.


We think all our customers should be enrolled in automatic delivery, because we understand that you have a whole lot to keep track of, and your heating oil supply shouldn’t be one of them. So leave your heating oil to us! Of course, if you would rather have a hands-on approach to your home heating by watching your levels and calling for deliveries, you can always opt for our will-call delivery service.


Contact North Shore Oil today to sign up for automatic delivery and our Budget Payment Plan.