Enjoy Predictability with Automatic Delivery from North Shore Oil

- 4:54 pm - January 15th, 2018

There’s the bad kind of predictable, like a predictable song or movie plot, and then there’s the good kind of predictable, like predictable propane and heating oil deliveries no matter how brutally cold winter gets. As a North Shore Oil automatic delivery customer, you can predict you’ll get the fuel you need to heat your home before you even know you need it.


No Worries

When you enroll in automatic delivery, there will be:

  • No running out of fuel
  • No checking your tank gauge obsessively
  • No scheduling deliveries
  • No waiting for your fuel to arrive

That’s because we use sophisticated software incorporating degree-day information to calculate your fuel needs and schedule deliveries accordingly. Degree days compare average temperatures in a specific location to a standard temperature of 65°F. Generally, the more extreme the temperatures, the greater the number of degree days and the more frequently you’ll need fuel deliveries. By monitoring degree days, we adjust your delivery schedule so you always have the fuel you need.


No Delay … Enroll Today!

Add a little predictability to your life – the good kind! Contact North Shore Oil today to enroll in automatic delivery and help ensure you’ll stay warm all winter long.