Have More Time to Chill with Automatic Delivery

- 10:42 am - December 21st, 2015

With all the hectic energy of the holiday season, it would certainly be nice to ask for more hours in the day on your wish list. While that’s a miracle beyond our powers, we do have the next best thing to save you time and reduce stress: automatic heating oil delivery.

We at North Shore Oil believe all our customers should be signed up for automatic delivery. Not only is this service offered at no additional charge, but it also helps to ensure that you always have all the heating oil you need. Using a degree/day system which cross-references your oil usage history with the daily temperature, we set up a personalized delivery schedule tailored to your household. That means you’ll no longer have to constantly check your heating oil levels to see how close you are to running out, worry about remembering to make a will-call delivery, or wait for your oil delivery to arrive.

Contact North Shore Oil today to sign up for automatic delivery, and get more time to chill out… while staying warm and cozy.