Have Your Pick of Price Protection

- 9:27 am - March 20th, 2018

North Shore Oil believes that our customers shouldn’t feel stuck paying for their oil based on the market price alone. You should be able to spend your hard-earned money however you’d like! That’s why we like to give you options when it comes to paying for your heating oil. Our price protection offers ways for you to prevent yourself from overspending on fuel you need when you need it.


Budget Plan

Enrolling in our budget plan gives you the ability to keep winter heating bills manageable. We do this by spreading your yearly fuel cost equally over 12 months – your bill for each month will be the same as the last, making it possible for you to budget.


Capped Price

A capped price is the maximum price per gallon you will pay for fuel. If fuel prices rise above this cap, you’ll pay only as much as the capped price. If prices should happen to fall, which is just as likely, you’ll pay the (lower) market price!


Fixed Price
Just like with the capped price, you lock in a certain fuel cost. The only difference is that if the price of fuel should fall, you’ll continue to pay the fixed price. This is helpful for those who need to know exactly what they’ll be paying from month to month. Fluctuating fuel prices can put a strain on anyone’s budget!


Before the next heating season rolls around, don’t forget to secure your chance at low fuel prices during times of high demand! Call or contact North Shore Oil online today for more information on our price protection programs.