Keep Those Low Propane Feelings at Bay

- 1:51 pm - April 27th, 2018

One of propane’s greatest qualities is its versatility – it has many uses both inside and out of the house. When you’ve got a tank full of propane, nothing can stand in your way! Meanwhile, if your tank runs low, you’ve got to choose where that propane’s going to go and what cuts you’re going to have to make around the house … and that’s no easy task!


Take the Plunge!

With a heated pool it’s almost never too early for a swim! Without enough propane to fuel your pool heater, you’ll be spending most of your time easing into the cool water instead of diving right in!


Out to Hang-Dry

A propane-fueled dryer is great for large families with a lot of laundry to do on a weekly basis. It’s just as convenient for smaller households looking to quickly finish a few loads! Running out of propane toward the end of the week means resorting to that old clothesline out back. Are those rain clouds looming overhead?


Home Un-cooked Meal

Do you depend on propane to fuel your cooktop? Having enough propane in time for dinner can mean the difference between eating in and ordering out, and can keep you from running out of propane in the middle of cooking!


Want to avoid these situations? Who wouldn’t! At North Shore Oil, we deliver the propane you need to keep your tank full – that means a warm pool on a spring night, laundry finished in time and a warm meal to enjoy with your family. Contact us and get started as a propane customer today.