Penguin’s Best Friend: A Propane-Loving Canine

- 3:09 pm - September 23rd, 2016

The Propane Education & Research Council has a new spokesperson … or should we say spokes-animal? It’s Blue the Dog, a cheerful, loveable and energetic canine who trails his “owner,” as he delivers propane to the customers of a local independent fuel dealer. Sound familiar?


You can count on our spokes-animal, our surfing penguin, when you need him. That’s because North Shore Oil Company is an independent local business that’s been serving Northern and Central New York for 45 years. Our automatic propane delivery service helps ensure you’re never left in the cold. And every one of our propane trucks features our penguin mascot on the side of the tanker, so you know it’s us when you see our vehicle pull up to your home or business.


As for Blue the Dog, we must admit he makes some good points about the benefits of propane. You can learn more about propane and Blue by watching the videos below.






If you’d like to begin receiving propane deliveries from North Shore Oil Company, call 315-676-4431 or complete our easy and secure online credit application