Picture Yourself with Propane

- 3:51 pm - December 7th, 2017

Picture yourself…


Lying down on bed sheets warm from the dryer

Indulging in a hot, home cooked meal

Taking a long, hot shower at the end of the day

Reading a book by the fire

Gazing at the stars on the patio … in winter


With propane from North Shore Oil, you can complete the picture.

Propane is much more than a versatile fuel capable of heating your home and virtually every appliance in it – it’s the final piece of the home comfort puzzle, the energy source that transforms your home into your own winter oasis. Use it to power: 


  • Your clothes dryer
  • Your stovetop
  • Your water heater
  • Your fireplace
  • Your space heater
  • And more


Picture a routine that includes all of these simple pleasures, and then make the picture complete with North Shore Oil. Our experts can install a propane system on your property and help ensure you always have the propane you need when you enroll in automatic delivery. To get started with propane, contact us today.