Protect Your Fuel Cost With North Shore Oil

- 10:12 am - May 15th, 2017

Did you know that 80 percent of the year’s fuel usage takes place within three to four months? There is a way to take control of your winter heating bills with the various payment options offered by North Shore Oil. Options range from budget plans to price protection plans, and North Shore Oil has the right offer for you to ease the burden of those expensive winter fuel bills.


Budget Plan


The point behind the budget plan is to make it easier for you to plan out your finances. You know what you will pay every month and won’t get hit with an extra delivery bill in the middle of the holiday shopping season.


The way it works is we estimate your annual fuel usage and determine how much it’ll cost for the upcoming year. That amount is divided into 12 even monthly payments, turning those high winter bills into manageable monthly payments. 


Capped Price


A Capped Price sets a ceiling that represents the most you’ll ever pay for your fuel that year. Your fuel prices will never go above that ceiling no matter how high the market price rises, but if the market price drops, you will get to pay a lower price.


Fixed Price 


With a fixed price, you lock in a set price for your protected gallons for the year. Your fuel costs remain the same, no matter where the market price goes. 


North Shore Oil offers these plans to help you manage your expenses and keep your family comfortable. Contact North Shore Oil and enroll in a price protection or budget plan today!