Ride the Full Service Wave to Savings

- 2:47 pm - March 1st, 2016

At North Shore Oil, our mission is simple: to make the cold, unforgiving New York winter as comfortable as a day at the beach. And while we can’t magically conjure up the powdery soft sand or rhythmic pulse of the ocean’s waves that comprises your getaway fantasy, we can offer you the next best thing: the full service advantage!


Our wide range of home comfort products and services are designed to give you the cozy warmth your household needs with the flexibility and convenience your daily life demands. For example, our automatic heating oil delivery uses computer and weather tracking technology to monitor your fuel oil supply and set up a personalized schedule of refueling, so you’ll never have to check your heating oil tank's gauge, wait around for a delivery, or worry about running out of fuel. Plus, we offer 24-hour emergency delivery service, which means that no matter what time of day, we'll be there to help you in the event of a sudden system malfunction.


When you become a North Shore Oil propane customer, we’ll perform a free safety inspection and propane system analysis, and then make recommendations at no obligation to you. This way, you’ll know whether your home comfort equipment is fine the way it is, needs an upgrade or repair, or should be replaced with a new state-of-the-art system. Our free safety inspection and propane system analysis is especially useful if you are already considering a propane system upgrade, remodeling, or buying a new home in our service area.


If you’re already a customer, don’t keep the full service goodness to yourself – share North Shore Oil with loved ones, friends and co-workers! If your referral becomes a customer, we’ll give you $25 in company credit!


To request service or give the contact information of a referral, contact North Shore oil today.