Stay Safe With North Shore Oil

- 11:18 am - June 16th, 2017

All year long, propane is the fuel of choice for grills, pool heaters, fire pits and other home appliances. Having your propane stored right on your property is one of the benefits of being a North Shore propane customer. As with any fuel, however, it’s important to know the proper way to react in the rare occurrence of a leak. By following the proper protocol, you can keep your home, family and equipment safe. 


  • Propane leaks are detectable by its distinct smell – if you detect a sulfur or rotten egg odor, it’s a good indication of a propane leak.
  • Avoid using appliances with open flames or electronics, including cellphones that can cause sparks or static build up in the area of the leak.
  • Evacuate the area immediately; don’t try to confirm that a leak is occurring by hanging around.
  • If you can get to the valve on the tank, turn it to the right (clockwise) to shut it off. You may be able to reduce the amount of propane leaking, but it doesn’t mean the area is safe.
  • Contact North Shore, or call 911 or the local fire department from a neighbor’s home to report the leak as soon as possible. The sooner it’s reported, the sooner it can be handled properly.
  • Don’t return to the area until a first responder or a qualified North Shore technician determines the area is safe – and don’t use your propane system again until a North Shore technician confirms it’s safe to do so. 


Knowing how to handle these situations can save lives, and at North Shore Oil we want our customers to be prepared for anything. To find out more about propane safety and North Shore Oil’s propane products, contact us today!